Vectra VXR v Insignia VXR

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Vectra VXR v Insignia VXR

Post by Milleboy on Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:23 pm

Right mateyflaps. I have been the very happy owner of a Vectra VXR for the past couple of years. I've put around 20K miles on it and it's always pumped my nads so to speak but I have a hankering for the Insignia VXR. I would appreciate your comments of both cars from those who have changed recently and those who have changed a while ago to get a cross section of opinion. I'm not looking for one is c**p and one is ace but a rounded and honest opinion of the good and bad points of both models. Are you glad you changed or would you go back to the Vectra?
Thanks for your time.

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