Vauxhall Vectra 02 1.8 engine issue - Please help - any ideas???

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Vauxhall Vectra 02 1.8 engine issue - Please help - any ideas??? Empty Vauxhall Vectra 02 1.8 engine issue - Please help - any ideas???

Post by norrieb1 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:15 pm

Hi There, Ive got an 02 plate vectra 1.8 and recently it started cutting out/chugging -esp when stationary at light for example, and sometimes the engine fault/immobiliser light also comes on as the engine cut out.
I put it into a friends garage, and he tested the timing which all was OK, he noticed there was a U-shaped rubber tube attached near the air vacuum area which was sheared/ruptured.he replaced, but still same issues?
He then noticed a fault with crank shaft sensor relating to immobiliser fault - he cleaned whole crank shaft box etc out, and replaced chip. HE also replaced the Air Mss filter to see if that was problem with choking/chugging on engine.
Needless to say, the immobliser light doesnt come on as often now, but Ive still got the choking/suffocating sensation when driving the car, as if the engine is struggling for air.Also the CAT part of the exhaust when stationary sounds very chokey until I drive off yet the exhaust is in great condition?? The revs jump a lot too from 800 RPM to 500 rpm up to 2000 rpm?? As said already timing is fine.But this may be the throttle sticking??
Please help?? I love the car yet it is not performing as it should be - ie the engine,and sounds as if on last legs yet only done just over 100k
Thanks in advance for help.Please feel free to throw more than one suggestion to me to check out as my garage friend hasnt a clue what else it could be !! Any ideas welcome to help me try solve problem
Thanks, Norrie


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